Gear Hobs

SHB Manufacture Gear Hobs in HSS M2, M35, M42, ASP 2030 & ASP 2052 material...

Broaches Tools

Super Hobs & Broaches is leading specialists in the design and manufacture of special broach tools.

Gear Shaving Cutters

Manufacturing of Gear Shaving Cutters such as Conventional, Diagonal, Underpass and Plungecut is being undertaken by SHB...

Power Skiving Cutters

New technology can now allow high speed synchronous movement between the tool...

Manufacturing Facilities

Super Hobs & Broaches installed state of the art CNC P26 Klingelnberg Measuring Machine complete with softwares for inspection of Gear Hobs, Gear Shaving Cutters, Master Gears, Gear Shaper Cutters and Unknown Gears.

CNC Technology

We have installed state of the art CNC Hob Profile Grinding Machine (SAACKE, Germany), CNC Hob Sharpening Machine (LUREN, Taiwan) & CNC P26 Klingelnberg Measuring Machine complete with softwares for inspection of Gear Hobs, Gear Shaving Cutters, Master Gears, Gear Shaper Cutters and Unknown Gears. We can provide lead and profile graphs of the tools as well as can do reverse engineering of the components done on the machine.

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Each Cutting Tool is accompanied by process data sheet and each process is followed by stage inspection.

Special Features

Each Cutting Tool thus manufactured is heat treated by SALT-BATH process which is one of the best methods.


The standards followed are BIS, BS, DIN, ASA, JIS and GOST etc. as per customer’s choice and specification.

About Super Hobs

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. Manufacturers & Exporters of Quality Tools.

Gear Cutting Tools

We are a Trusted Name in Cutting Tool Industry

The company was formed on February 2, 1999 with necessary set up to manufacture High Speed Steel Gear Cutting Tools and Broaches.

The Directors of the company have sufficient experience and technical trained personnel quite conversant with the product.

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gear hobs manufacturers

Gear Hobs

Special features like Topping, Semi Topping, Protuberance, Pre-Grinding, Pre-Shaving etc. can also be provided as per Customer's requirement.

involute spline hobs manufacturers

Involute Spline Hobs

SHB Manufacture Spline Hobs to standard as well as to specific requirements of the user for Straight Sided as well as Involute Splines in Class 'A' and Class 'AA' accuracies.

gear shaving cutter manufacturers

Gear Shaving Cutters

As one of the largest producers of cutting tools worldwide and with particular expertise in shaving technology, we offer a wide range of shaving cutters.

master gears manufacturers

Master Gears

SHB master gears are produced to the highest standards using grinding machines and inspection equipment specifically designed for the manufacture of master gears.

milling cutters manufacturers

Milling Cutters

Cutters with special profiles made to specific requirements of the customer in single, multi and interlocking profiles can also be had on specific request.

spline rollers manufacturers

Spline Rollers

Spline Rollers are the best tools to manufacture spline shaft component where Hobbing is not possible. Spline Rollers are the best tools for mass production of Splined Shaft Components.

disc type shaper cutter manufacturers

Disc Type Shaper Cutter

SHB Manufacture Gear Shaping Cutters in Module, DP and CP series. Spur as well as Helical Shaper Cutters can be supplied in Disc, Hub and Shank Type Varieties.

round broaches

Round Broaches

Broaches are manufactured by Super Hobs as per component specifications, customer's machine and holder details.

chain sprocket hobs manufacturers

Chain Sprocket Hobs

SHB Manufacture Roller Chain Sprocket Hobs in Class ‘A’ and Class ‘AA’ accuracies in profiles conforming to BIS, BS, DIN, ASA and JIS specifications ...

metal slitting saws manufacturers

Metal Slitting Saws

The Metal Slitting Saws can be supplied in diameters 2 or 50mm to 12 or 300mm and Thickness 0.5 to 6mm. The material used is HSS M-2 and M-35.

Happy Clients

We manufacture products as per customer specification & requirements.

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