cnc hob profile grinding machine

CNC Hob Profile Grinding Machine (SAACKE, Germany)

  • Grinding quality of "AAA" Class
  • Very short grinding cycle
  • Maximum Hob Diameter: 250mm
  • Maximum Hob length: 430mm
  • Increased Production
cnc shaving cutter grinder

CNC Shaving Cutter & Master Gear Grinder

We have state of the art CNC Shaving cutter & Master Gear grinder.

cnc gear inspection klingelnberg machine

CNC Klingelnberg P26 & P40 Measuring Machine

We have installed state of the art CNC P26 & P40 Klingelnberg Measuring Machine complete with software’s for inspection of Gear Hobs, Gear Shaving Cutters, Master Gears, Gear Shaper Cutters and Unknown Gears. We can provide lead and profile graphs of the tools as well as can do reverse engineering of the components on this machine.

cnc hob resharpening machine

CNC Hob Sharpening Machine (LUREN, Taiwan)

  • Sharpening quality of "AAA" Class
  • Very Short Sharpening Cycle
  • Maximum Diameter of Hob: 250mm
  • Maximum Length of Hob: 300mm
  • Increased Production
  • Can Sharpen Shaper Cutter & Master Gears also

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