DOP Master Gears

dop master gears manufacturers

SHB master gears are produced to the highest standards using grinding machines and inspection equipment specifically designed for the manufacture of master gears. This specialized technology allows us to achieve the highest quality at very competitive prices.

SHB Manufactures Spur & Helical Master Gears as per customer's requirement for composite double or single Flank Profile Checking.

Master Gears are manufactured out of best quality imported material to ensure longest possible tool life. Master Gears are supplied generally in Class 3 or Class 4 accuracies of DIN 3962.

Taper Bore and OBD Master Gears are also manufactured.

The range of master gears manufactured which can be supplied are as follows:

  Helical Spur
Diameter 10.0" (250 mm) 10.0" (250 mm)
Max. Pitch 2 DP (12 Module) 2 DP (12 Module)
Min. Pitch 50 DP (0.5 Module) 50 DP (0.5 Module)
Max. Helix Angle 45 °  
Max. Face Width 2.5" (60 mm) 3.0" (75 mm)

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