Parallel Spline Hobs

parallel spline hobs manufacturers

These are used for cutting parallel splines. These are manufactured with or without lugs, semi topping and shoulder clearance types

  • Accuracy Class: AAA/AA/A/ as per DIN 3968
  • Material: ASP2052/S390/S290/ASP2030/M35
  • Types: Bore & Shank type
  • Multi-gashes
  • Multi-start
  • Shoulder Clearance type
  • Supplied with all types of latest PVD Coatings.
Special features like Topping, Semi Topping, Protuberance, Pre-Grinding, Pre-Shaving etc. can also be provided as per Customer's requirement.
gear hobs manufacturer

Gear HobsSHB Manufacture Gear Hobs in HSS M2, M35 and ASP 30 material.

chain sprocket hob manufacturers

Chain Sprocket HobsSHB Manufacture Roller Chain Sprocket Hobs in Class 'A' and Class 'AA' accuracies in profiles conforming to BIS, BS, DIN, ASA and JIS specifications with pitches ranging from 5 mm to 75 mm.

serration hobs manufacturer

Serration HobsSHB Manufacture Gear Hobs in HSS M2, M35 and ASP 30 material.

involute spline hob manufacturers

Involute Spline HobsSHB Manufacture Spline Hobs to standard as well as to specific requirements of the user for Straight Sided as well as Involute Splines in Class ‘A’ and Class ‘AA’ accuracies

Worm HobsManufactured generally to customers drawing and specifications in topping and non-topping forms shank (worm gear).

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